Tips for Picking Your Halloween Costume


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Do you get night terrors and sweaty palms at the thought of pulling together a Halloween costume? Here are a few tips for picking your Halloween costume to hopefully make the experience delightful instead of frightful.








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Tips for Picking Your Halloween Costume

Know your Celebration
As you begin to consider options, the first question to ask is where will you wear the costume. It’s good to know what type of party you’ll be attending and have the same concept of a Halloween costume as the host. Does the party have a theme to help you generate ideas? Is the venue indoors, or outdoors? Or, will you be spending the evening walking and trick or treating? If so, weather and comfort should be a big consideration for your selection.

Select a Style
Figure out the statement you want to make this Halloween. Do you want to be totally incognito, or recognizable? Do you want to have people doubled over laughing at your costume, or freaked out and scared?

Group Costume
Group costumes can make for a fun night and a great bonding experience with family or friends. If you prefer to blend with a crowd, a group route is the way to go. Group costumes are a great way to make a fun statement, save time and eliminate many hours of work that go into a detailed single costume.

Try It On
The ideal scenario is to be able to try your costume on in a store for the best fit. Join The Kittleman Group at our FREE Halloween Costume Closet Happy Hour at The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio for an opportunity to try-on costumes with a professional consultation.

If you can’t try-on a costume, take exact measurements before shopping and consult the size chart when selecting a pre-packaged costume or when ordering online.

Know the right size for kids -When shopping for kids go by clothing size, not the age range for kids.When shopping for baby, teen and adult sizes it is best to buy early!

Is it Versatile?
Will you be attending multiple events for Halloween? If so, consider a costume that can easily change up to a new look with the right makeup and accessories instead of purchasing multiple costumes. Consider options that could double as sweet costumes for family-friendly outings, bout could go a little scarier or risque for after-hour parties.

Safety First
You want to remember Halloween with fun memories and bins of candy. Don’t let your evening turn ghoulish with an unnecessary trip to the ER. It is extremely important you can move freely, see and be seen in your costume. If you’re wearing a mask, make sure it fits securely. Select a mask with openings large enough for a full range of vision.

The costume you pick should be comfortable and allow for easy movement. Avoid long sashes, capes or veils that could get caught and be a tripping hazard. Also, if you’ll be outside and your costume is dark, make sure you accessorize with a glow necklace, glow stick or flashlight so cars can see you.

Candles create a spooky ambiance for Halloween, but they also create greater fire concerns. Look for flame retardant or flame resistant on the product’s label. These fabrics give time to get out of the costume should they ignite.

Lastly, consider a breathable fabric to avoid rashes, especially for kids who suffer from environmental allergies.

Predict the Weather
If you’re attending a bonfire party or trick or treating, a werewolf costume is a more practical fall option to keep warm that a short flapper dress. Ladies wearing costumes outside should consider tights and leotards to keep warm. Long sleeve t-shirts under a costume also add a layer of warmth.

Have a Dress Rehearsal
It’s showtime…almost.

Give your look a test run well before Oct. 31. Practice any make up to make sure it does not irritate your skin, and to perfect your look. Add all jewelry, wigs, etc. for the full effect.

Be Original
The best way to make your Halloween fantasies come to life is to creatively design your own! While custom made costumes may be costly, another option is to rent. Join The Kittleman Group on Thursday, Oct. 6 from 5-7 p.m. at The Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio for our FREE Halloween Costume Closet Happy Hour. You’ll have the chance to consult and share ideas with Professional Costume Designer Marilyn Johnson and her staff as you browse her 3,000 piece inventory available for rental this holiday season. All attendees of the happy hour receive a 10 percent coupon on their costume rental, and we’ll be giving away a door prize of a FREE costume rental.

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