The 7 Deadly Sins of Home Selling #5 – Your Stuff … Everywhere

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Look at the granite countertops … in there … somewhere …

When your house goes on the market, it’s a commodity, not a home. We want people to envision themselves moving in tomorrow, and putting their treasures into their new home.

But what happens when the mantle is covered with photos of you, your family, your sports memorabilia, your collectibles, and your trophies? Imagine you’re a buyer and you just entered a house, looked around, and the walls are covered with family photos and other personal items. Do you feel at home, or do you feel like you’re in someone else’s home?

Yeah, us too.

The good news is that, as a seller, the solution is really quite simple. Grab a box or two, collect everything you see that’s personal (except you can leave a couple of framed photos on the bookshelves), and box it up. It can help to take pictures of a room and look to see what jumps out at you. Then remove it.

We’re going for an open, airy, yet comfortable style. Think Pottery Barn. No clutter, no personal effects, just clean lines and neutral décor.

One more thing – please leave for showings. We understand that you might have important information you want to tell the buyer, but if this is the case, just leave a note on the counter or, better yet, ask your agent to write it up and make it available prior to the showing.

Buyers want to feel at home, and if you’re there, they won’t be able to truly let their guard down. We want them to soak up the amazing ambiance that you felt when you decided to buy. Right? Right!

Laura Kittleman is the owner of The Kittleman Group of Keller Williams Capital Properties, and her team works primarily in Howard County and Montgomery County, Maryland. She can be reached at 301-785-5889 or [email protected]

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