The 7 Deadly Sins of Home Selling #3 – Not Fixing Things Now

Home repairImagine walking up to the front door of a home you’re thinking about buying. Now imagine seeing the storm door not closing properly, wood rot around the threshold, and cobwebs circling the rusty brass light fixture. Did your emotions just go from excitement to dread of what’s inside?

If buyers see items that need repair, especially during that critical “first impression” stage at the front door, they will wonder about the condition of things they can’t see. And this probably means they either strike your house off the list, or compensate with a lower offer.

Go through your house now, with your agent if possible, and use your Buyer Eyes. Start at the street. Look at your yard, the shrubs, trees, hedges, sidewalks, and entranceway. Roof, gutters, front door, outside fixtures – are they all looking clean and well-maintained?

Moving inside, how about the floors? Carpet clean? Hardwood gleaming? Tile grout nice and bright? Any leaky faucets, loose toilets, grungy showers? Now is the time to clean them so well the buyers can’t help but smile at your awesomeness.

A few weekends spent taking care of your house now could mean tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket when you sell. Or it could be the difference between selling or not selling. Taking these steps now is a very smart move!

Laura Kittleman is the owner of The Kittleman Group of Keller Williams Capital Properties, and her team works primarily in Howard County and Montgomery County, Maryland. She can be reached at 301-785-5889 or [email protected].

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