The 7 Deadly Sins of Home Selling #2 – Going Light on Marketing

Home MarketingYes, there are always areas and price ranges that are “hot,” where the offers come fast and in multiples. But regardless of those gifts, you still need as much marketing reach as you can get. It’s the only way to guarantee that you’re getting the highest price for the house you’re selling.

This means advertising, putting your property’s best face forward, and using a multi-channel marketing approach. The Internet, obviously. But also seemingly “old school” marketing, like open houses and postcards in the neighborhood. The more exposure, the better. Today, putting a sign in the yard and counting on people driving by and ringing the doorbell just isn’t realistic.

Your marketing mix needs to be right and ready. Work with your agent in advance of when you plan to go on the market. A great agent can get your home exposure before you’re ready for it to be seen. Then, when Launch Day arrives, you already have a professionally photographed, beautifully staged product that’s priced right and ready to be seen.

You go, you!

Laura Kittleman is the owner of The Kittleman Group of Keller Williams Capital Properties, and her team works primarily in Howard County and Montgomery County, Maryland. She can be reached at 301-785-5889 or [email protected].

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