From the time I signed on with Laura and her group to sell my house, she and her crew have been outstanding. There were a few glitches along the way that were not their fault (to the extent that there was any fault, it was mine) and, in each case, she and the group were able to expertly guide me to a prompt and efficient (and relatively inexpensive) solution. Given that I was not living in Maryland by the time the house was officially listed, she and her group took on a good portion of the burden of getting the solutions implemented. I appreciate the service and advice I have received from Laura and the group through the process of selling the house. My thanks to Laura, Katie, Jennifer and any other member of the group that assisted without my specific knowledge of their involvement. A first class team. Laura had advised that the house would probably sell quickly for more than I thought it would. She was correct on both counts. I have to believe that the great outcome was the result, in large part, to her experience, approach to advertising the house, her knowledge of and relationship with the various workmen that we needed over the course of the sale and the attention to detail that she and her group showed throughout. Selling (or buying) a house is not (at least now days) a really fun experience but, with her group, selling the house was not as stressful as was buying our house in Florida. I will certainly advise any friends and former neighbors in the Baltimore area to us Kittleman Group if they are buying or selling property.

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