Dabney Bailey and Nicole Shan

I’m the disorganized one in the relationship. My wife is extremely organized and is always five steps ahead of me. With this house hunt, I resolved to surprise my wife by extensively researching agents. I presented my wife with two possible agents based on a comprehensive list of qualifiers including resources, experience, reviews, and community service. We went with Lisa and are 100% happy with that choice. Now, I get to hold this over my wife’s head for the rest of our lives. “At least I found Lisa! We wouldn’t have gotten your dream house if I hadn’t found Lisa in time! “Fellas, if you’re looking for an agent, do yourself a favor and pick Lisa. She will make your wife happy and you can cash in on those brownie points. During our listing, Lisa:
* Recommended we expand our search to include split-level houses. We discovered the house we ended up purchasing (a split level) the next day.
* Set up a meeting to view the house within 1 day, which led to us closing the deal.
* Responded EXTREMELY QUICKLY to our messages. Seriously, I don’t think we ever waited more than an hour to hear back from her.
* Was ethical. During our interview, I asked her to do something that I knew was illegal (tell us a neighborhood’s demographics), and she politely refused and explained why she couldn’t honor my request. I tried to trap her, and she passed.
* Was extremely nice. You know how sales people are all smiles and handshakes because they want to sell you something? Lisa doesn’t give that vibe. She gives the impression that she genuinely cares about you.* Made the process easy. Zero snags the whole way.

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