dabney bailey

Let me tell you the story of how Lisa ***SAVED US $10,000+ WHEN WE BOUGHT OUR HOUSE*** Lisa helped us with our first house and was awesome, so we went with her when we moved. First, off, Lisa is FAST. Buying a house can be stressful because you often have to wait for other people to get things done. Lisa doesn’t make you wait – when you call, she answers. When you email, she replies. Second, Lisa is NICE. She’s honestly just a really pleasant and friendly person who makes an effort to make the process easy for us. We finally found the house we wanted and started the buying process. On the final walk through, there was a stain on the wall in the basement. My wife and I assumed it was irrelevant / cosmetic damage because we’d just had the inspector check the house a month ago. Lisa was immediately suspicious and saw that it wasn’t in the inspector’s report. So either our inspector missed it, or it happened in the month after the inspector came (the house was vacant). She took pics of the and sent it to her contacts and found out it was mold and there was probably a leak in the basement. She advised us not to close that day, as was scheduled. This was a major problem because we’d planned our lives around closing that day. The movers were coming and we were at risk of losing our deposit and needing to reschedule our whole week. After talking with Lisa about our problems, she negotiated with the sellers to set up an escrow for repairs so that we could still close. They offered $5k but she bargained up to $10k, so the sellers would put in the first $10,000 to fix the leak/mold, and we could still close that day. The price for fixing the basement came out to $9,700! If not for Lisa, we wouldn’t have even realized the mold was a problem, so it would have gotten worse and worse. If not for Lisa, we wouldn’t have been able to close the house on that same day with an escrow, which would have forced us to cancel a lot of appointments and lose hundreds, maybe thousands in deposits. If not for Lisa, we would have had a $5k escrow instead of a $10k escrow. If not for Lisa, we would have had to pay $10,000 in repairs to fix the mold — PROBABLY A LOT MORE because my wife and I thought the inspector signed off on the mold (which we thought was just a cosmetic stain). We 100% recommend Lisa. She’s FAST, NICE, and COMPETENT. What more could you want?

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