If you are searching for an agent who is dependable, detail-oriented, hard-working, a clear communicator, deeply cares, radiates great positive energy and confidence, understands families and their needs, and gets the job done (to the point of working miracles), I suggest you go with this superb one-of-a-kind team. We just closed on our DREAM HOME and I attribute this to the efforts of Lisa and her superb team!! Earlier this spring we were lost in our home search. We had an unsuccessful experience working with a different real estate agent (involving several failed offers and poor communication who also did not know the area). We started looking on Zillow to find an agent, basically starting from scratch. We read and compared tons of reviews. In the reviews of the Kittleman team I was really struck by how Lisa would help entertain kids so that their parents could really look at a house (i.e. bringing somewhat rambunctious kids on a weekend tour would actually be ok!), and that she really knew the area well. I also read that she was very careful and found things on a final walk through for one of her clients and helped to negotiate closing so that she served her clients best interests (saving them 9K…read the other reviews here). I have worked with many different agents in the past and felt like that deep attention is just so unusual and goes above and beyond. I think from our first conversation with Lisa I really felt very comfortable and knew would be able to work together well. I think in working with Lisa and Katie we realized just exactly how much having an agent who knows the area, knows how to negotiate, knows the market, and knows how to represent her client’s best interest- just how far it can take you. When we toured houses together Lisa noticed things that we did not and helped us really think through different house values. We never felt any pressure in putting offers on houses. She is excellent in realizing a good price range for bidding on a house and was strategic in helping us set up our offer. She helped us tremendously on our home inspection and in deciding on a good list of repairs to request. Just at times when I thought things weren’t going to work out, she had ideas for repairs and how to get them done cost-effectively (that she also referred the sellers to). She has a network of contractors who she put us in connection with whom we have confidence will get the job done and done well. We wouldn’t have known where to start… Another point to be made- my husband and I have busy jobs, and I found Katie and Lisa to always be on top of everything- they truly go above and beyond what I’ve ever seen a real estate agent do. They sent us email updates, quotes for repairs, they followed up with contractors and vendors, took separate trips to the house to take pictures for us during work hours. We never would have been able to do this ourselves. I think what I found most striking about working with Lisa is that she is optimistic and solution oriented. She truly cares about what is happening and the ramifications of the deal going well. There was no point in the process where I felt like they weren’t looking out for our interests 100%. I think there is something nice about the size of this team, where you really get a personalized experience. There were times when we felt worried or stressed (given the natural aspects of the process) and her team was routinely positive, optimistic and searching for solutions. I really think they made a difference in us finding this home and in our families’ life. I think if you’re looking for someone to really go to bat for you, in finding your dream home with strong support along the way through every stage- this is the team!

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