Meet the Mother Daughter Team Behind ‘The Kittleman Group’

The Kittleman Group is unique for a number of reasons. To start, their business model is centered around the client experience, which is why they pride themselves on being large enough to have the expertise you need, and small enough to make you feel like their only client.  But did you know that behind the dynamic real estate team is a mother-daughter duo?

Laura Kittleman has a passion for real estate. After selling a technology company that she and her husband started, they launched a successful real estate business. That was 15 years ago and every year is better than the last!

It wasn’t long after college that Lisa followed in her mother’s footsteps. Their working relationship began in 2012, when Lisa decided to join the team. It took a little convincing, but she was a natural. Deciding to combine her two greatest passions, “family and dreams,” into a unique career experience, she knew she wanted to spend her life turning people’s dreams into reality alongside her mom.

Laura and Lisa’s bond has always been extremely strong, which is the foundation that made their business relationship so powerful.

Their similar views, insight and advice has always been a trait their clients appreciate.  Their success in creating a top producing all-women real estate team is an inspiration for anyone looking to start their own dream team.

One lesson the pair learned from working so closely together is to always put their clients first and always have each other’s backs. It is important to remember they are constantly growing and learning together.  Being flexible and failing forward has allowed them to create a team with such an incredible culture.

“We’ve also learned to separate our personal and professional lives as much as we can,” says Laura.

“We want our clients to know that we take ownership of every detail inside of the transaction and they will be taken care of.  If something happens, our team will jump into problem solving instead of worrying about hiding the issue.” Says Laura. “100%.  Our team members and  Laura know that if they make a mistake it won’t cause an argument.  We’ll brainstorm together and move on. That’s so important!” Lisa adds.

Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be the perfect recipe for success: they’ve now worked together for close to 8 years.

Be inspired by Lisa and Laura, here are their TOP 10 things every Mother and Daughter should do together:

  1. Go for a run.

    Part of Laura’s daily routine is going for a morning run. Lisa takes time each week to join Laura as they exercise and enjoy nature together.

  2. Have a spa day.

    Royal treatment is not just for Megan and Kate! Schedule an after-work mani-pedi. Lisa and Laura love getting matching colors! Mermaid blue is a must-have this spring.

  3. Have a movie/show marathon.

    Unwind from a busy week with some R&R. And why not enjoy it together? Laura and Lisa are huge fans of Netflix- who isn’t? Pop on a binge-worthy series and let the episodes roll!

  4. Go on a shopping trip.

    The dynamic duo love to spend time shopping and it wouldn’t be the same without Lisa’s sister, Kelly!  The time walking from shop to shop gives so much time to talk, catch up and create lasting memories.  Plus, you can get your steps in!

  5. Volunteer or do a community service project.

    There are plenty of community activities for families. Pick an activity or a cause that means a lot to you. This is a great opportunity to give back to others while spending time together. The Kittleman Group contributes to Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center for every sale. Last year they gave a total face-lift to the children’s playroom.  Complete with new paint, furniture, toys, books and games!

  6. Take pictures! 

    A photo shoot doesn’t always require a special occasion.  You’ll be so happy to look back on the incredible memories you made with your mom!

  7. Bake or cook a meal together.

    Everyone needs to eat, which makes this one a necessity! Try a simple new recipe or come up with a cooking theme, such as Italian or around-the-world. Lisa loves her weekly Hello Fresh recipes.  This week Lisa and Laura made Hawaiian Poke bowls!

  8. Take a painting class together.

    Get artsy and do a painting or crafting class together. Many local classes offer “paint your pet night”- have fun painting your favorite family fur baby while laughing together over wine.

  9. Garden together.

    Laura and Lisa are avid gardeners. An all-time favorite flower of theirs is Zinnias. This year, they planned their Mother’s Day gardening plans around Sunday’s rain!

  10. Have regular mommy-daughter dates.

    Whether it’s a lunch date, walk to the park or shopping trip, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to spend time with your daughter. Lisa and Laura are blessed to live so close and even work together. It’s just the icing on the cake for an already dream job!

With everyone’s busy schedules, sometimes it’s tough for mother-daughter activities to be a top priority. Let this holiday be a reminder of some of the simple things you can do together to add to your special bond.

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