Meet Ronnie Waddell


Preparing a delicious dish is like crafting a fine wine. It requires practice and patience.

Ronnie understands the connection personally. He may be one of the most determined and diligent people we know. On top of a full-time job, family and household responsibilities, he has recently taken up winemaking and a cooking blog.

After a long day’s work, Ronnie goes home and trades his laptop for a cooktop. It’s not uncommon to find him in the kitchen or making his own wine. You had us at…Merlot!

After watching one of his live cooking videos, we had to learn more.

Ronnie has been cooking since he was a teenager, but his inspiration actually comes from his years working in foodservice sales. He sold about 12,000 different products including gourmet and exotic items. Having clients that were restaurant owners and caterers, Ronnie found food an everyday discussion. Food sampling, menu creation and food shows were just a few things that triggered his creativity in the kitchen.

If you ask Ronnie what his favorite dish is, he will tell you “anything seafood!” Although he is no stranger to a wide variety of cultures and ethnic food, his favorite restaurants are Prime Rib and Aldo’s in Little Italy.

Like many Chefs, Ronnie’s kitchen celebrates food and entertaining. It’s spacious and inviting, with room for people to mingle. It even features a lounge area facing the large island where he cooks. As a two-time past client of the Kittleman Group, we made a special closing gift for Ronnie when he bought his home- a personalized serving tray labeled “Ronnie’s place.” It can be seen in the background of some of his videos!

The perfect meal wouldn’t be complete without a perfect pairing. Realizing this long ago, Ronnie has always wanted to make his own wine. With all the time spent at home during the pandemic, it was the perfect time to get started. Currently he is bottling the wine for personal enjoyment and gifts. His wines are labeled as Ronnie’s Private Reserve, Collector Edition 2021. He also prints personal names or company names as he gifts them.

When asked what advice he would give an aspiring chef or winemaker, Ronnie exclaims “Do everything in life with “Passion”.” Make sure to check out his videos for amazing recipes!

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