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First time buyers seek detached single family home with private lot in Howard County.
4+ bedrooms
Dream of open kitchen and two-story family room.
Up to $725,000

Family of five desires a detached single family home in Howard County.
Prefer Emerson neighborhood. Wish list includes open kitchen, two-story family room and for the home to not be located on a major road.
Up to $700,000

Excited first time buyer!
Desires detached home with at least 1 car garage.
3+ bedrooms/2+ baths
Up to $400,000

Sweet family of three looking for detached home in Howard/Carroll County.
3+ bedroom/2+ baths, .25-3 acres with some lot privacy. Looking up to $525,000

ALREADY pre-approved!!
Townhouse in Howard County– 3+Bedrooms/2+ bathrooms
Basement is a must 🙂
Up to $325,000

Soon to be family of three looking in Howard/Carroll
20% down/conven?onal!
Detached 2-story home, 3+ bedrooms/ 2+ bathrooms
Up to $550,000

Family of 6 looking for detached home in Montgomery County
4+bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms
Up to $650,000

Looking for a condo in Columbia, MD
2+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms
Up to $200,000

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