Meet the man behind the beard!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls we are excited to present the man behind the beard, the one you have been waiting for…Colonel Gateway!

Colonel Gateway 2



Twitter Colonel GatewayHis online presence and popularity have grown in the community since the reveal.  Twitter user exclaims ” Whatever happens, it’s for the people. The Colonel is Columbia Gateway’s icon.”








The goal of Colonel Gateway is to connect the 17,000 workforce scattered throughout more than 50 companies on over 630 acres.

The Colonel has a meet-and-greet happy hour scheduled, with tongue firmly in cheek, for April Fools’ Day at AIDA Bistro, a wine bar in the office park. Later this spring, he plans to run a 5K around the Gateway in full uniform.

As Justin Noe, manager of business development for COPT, said  “I think he’s a great addition unifying the nation states of the gateway. Every nation needs a leader – why not Colonel Gateway?”

So come out and meet the ever popular Colonel Gateway!

See you Aprils Fools 🙂

Colonel Gateway Full Video Here

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