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Happy Thursday!


So honored and excited to be featured with my mom, Laura Kittleman, and other amazing, strong and talented women in the Baltimore Sun today!  The article was about local businesswomen giving back through mentorship.   Having your mother as a mentor is an incredibly huge blessing.  To have her as a mentor and business partner— THE best!




In the article Laura said, “being a mentor is about being encouraging, obviously, but it’s also about modeling a positive state of mind.  You become what you think about all day long.”   How true is that!

If you are interested in meeting other successful women in the area, Linda Ostovitz, a family law attorney and president of the Business Women’s Network of Howard County, recommends you should consider joining its 130 members, most of whom are small business owners.  Laura is a member and cannot say enough praise.

For the entire article, click here.

For more information about Business Women’s Network of Howard County, click here.

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