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With the big snowstorm gone buyers are celebrating the coming of Spring and so should your house!  Before we begin showing your house it’s important to create the right atmosphere.  Buyers think based on logic but almost always act on emotion.

Buyers tend to have all the information at their fingertips before they even step foot inside. They already know if the home is overpriced, spot on or even a great deal.  They want to see the inside to feel the homes energy.  So let’s make that energy warm and exciting!

1. Color Where it Counts

We recommend staying with neutral paint colors and bringing in the POP of color from outside.  A bright area rug that draws attention to floor inlays or bright flowers beside a high-end vessel sink can signal buyers where they should really look in photos and during tours.


2. Lux the Lighting

Fluorescent lights and boring ceiling fans are exactly that– boring.  Not only that, but who feels their most confident under fluorescent lights?   It’s important to try and make buyers feel confident, happy and comfortable.

3. Turn up the Tech

It is important to have your home standout from the competition!

  • Built-in USB Wall Chargers — For just $20, sellers can make outlets in key common areas more mobile friendly by adding an USB-compatible outlet to charge phones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Touch-less, motion-sensor faucets — For around $100 on sites like Amazon, your seller can add serious high-tech luxury to bathroom and kitchen sinks.


4. Go Monochromatic to Create Space

If a room has more than three bold colors competing, chances are its carrying visual clutter.  Color should be used to highlight– not distract.

We hope this helps, and as always if you have any questions or would like advice we are here for you!

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