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Come on “A Journey of Hearts”


A couple days ago I came across an article in the Baltimore Sun that really resonated with me.  The article is based on an Ellicott City author, Tammy Bowers,  who has compiled a book of essays along with her long time friend Stacey Stirmer and seven others.  This book is a collection of stories that are meant to inspire and unite.


Tammy has come close on three occasions to losing her firstborn to an incurable kidney disease.  Tammy said “friends often would tell me I should write about Sarah’s journey, since we have been through so much together, but I felt that no one would want to just read my story.”  “Everyone has a challenge to face in life” she said.


However, Tammy took the idea to heart.   She and eight others put together “A Journey of Hearts: Navigating Heartfelt Life Experiences” that was published in November.  The book includes stories from five residents from right here in Howard County.


Journey of Hearts

“These are raw, real-life experiences,” Bowers said of the essays, which deal with challenges including Alzheimer’s disease, a child’s sudden death and domestic violence. “On each and every page there are glimmers of hope,” she said. “If you can find that glimmer [in your own life], that’s what gets you through.”

We can certainly relate to the importance of hope.  Four years ago, we experienced a tragic loss in our family – Jenna, my oldest sibling passed away from an eating disorder. Even through great suffering and loss, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope. Each and every day we find the glimmer in the small things; the bird searching for it’s home, the laugh of a friend, the hug from a happy client.


The article continues by stating the book has definitely stuck a cord with the community.  The group’s first book-signing, held Feb. 12 at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Long Gate Shopping Center, was the best-selling event the Ellicott City store has held in the past seven years.


Bowers hopes “A Journey of Hearts” will be uplifting to all people facing a challenge, and said the thread weaving the stories together is their focus on empowerment, not grieving.


Click here for the full Baltimore Sun article


We hope no matter what life throws at you today you find the glimmer.



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