How to Sell Your Parent’s Home


The yard work is too overwhelming. The stairs are too challenging – or will be in a few short years. There is just too much home to take care of.

There are many different reasons people call us to help sell their parents’ homes. Realizing that it’s time for the next part of their journey is just the first step. There are so many things to consider when a parent decides it’s time to move. We’re here to walk you through some of the first steps and how you can contact us when you’re ready.


1. Everyone should be on the same page. Often, when a parent decides to move, there are several family members providing their opinions. Choose ONE person to take charge of the situation.


It’s best if that person is local but you’ll also need to select someone who is able to make rational, fair decisions on behalf of the family. Preparing the home to sell is only the first step. Indecisiveness can completely stop a transaction in its tracks.


2. Begin decluttering. In the majority of home sales, decluttering is a priority. In the case where someone has lived in a home for decades, this process will often take multiple people over a long period of time.


3.  Repair, Paint and Deep Clean. If your parents are beyond able to take care of their home, these three items become essential. They also have a 100%+ return on investment. Contact us for contractors and cleaner referrals.


4. Hire the right real estate agent. Hire someone who is truly going to care about your needs, negotiate for you, guide you and provide useful information. Don’t be fooled by the aggressive agent with the sales price that doesn’t align with the other sales in the neighborhood.


If you have specific questions about how to prepare your home to sell or get a sense of what your home might be worth, email or call us today. We would love to help!

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