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Atop nearly every real estate agent’s list of things to do when their clients are ready to sell their home is “clear out clutter.”

That is so much easier said than done and it can certainly seem completely overwhelming!  Rest easy knowing you are not alone.  Most of us simply have too much stuff — and it’s weighing us down. It’s stressful, and it costs a lot of money. In fact, the storage business is a $27-BILLION business!  We have to pay just to store our excess stuff!
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Here are our top 8 tips for avoiding clutter in your home. We’d love to hear your ideas as this list is ever-growing!

1. Seriously minimize your shopping. Yes, we all need to go to the store from time to time (some more than others).  If you like to shop when you’re bored or stressed, look for another outlet.  It’s hard to say NO when cool stuff is all around you (we know!); you have to avoid the places that bring on the temptation (like HomeGoods!).

2. Don’t accept swag that isn’t actually something you can use.  If it’s just something you could maybe, sort of, in a specific scenario use, then don’t bring it home.

3. Recycle your books. Consider giving at least two books away for each new book you bring into your home.  There might be a great neighborhood book recycle program that you can take advantage of or re-gift the best books to friends, coworkers, neighbors or family!

4. Take note of your beauty products. The truth is you only need one of each.  Keep just your favorites and watch your bathroom open up, leaving you more room to dance around while you get ready!

5. Don’t buy stuff on vacation or at sporting events, carnivals, etc. It’s all about the experience anyway, right?  Take pictures and save your wallet.

6. Limit birthday and holiday gifts.For birthday parties and holidays, consider asking that guests don’t bring gifts. If they must bring a gift, kindly request something that is actually needed, provides an experience or gives to your favorite charity.

7. Avoid window shopping online. Online shopping is almost too convenient! Before you hit that purchase button, ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Could I find another way to satisfy this need by using something I already own?” You may want to wait until the next day before purchasing and see if you still feel as strongly.

8. Don’t buy containers or additional storage items. You’ll feel less comfortable purchasing things that you don’t have a way of storing.


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