Because we’re all about the gray, ’bout the gray

For home design the color gray has everything- sophistication, style, fun, elegance and the list could go on.  We saw gray make a huge statement in 2014 and is only continuing to move up the popularity ladder in the first months of 2015.  Gray allows so much flexibility in accent pieces,  which is what makes the color so fun!  Occasionally we hear people say gray is cold– this doesn’t have to be the case.    With the right undertones gray can be warm and relaxing.  Personally,  we are loving gray tones with pops of color, our favorite right now is yellow.

Here is a pop of yellow designed by AFP Interiors (


We love the elegance, simplicity, warmth and all around style of this room (note the yellow) 🙂


For more ideas on how to transform rooms in your home check out HGTVs ’15 Shades of Gray’:

Enjoy and happy painting!!

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