Ellicott City Is A Great Place To Buy Real Estate

Located in Howard County with a population of 76,833, Ellicott City is the perfect home for people looking for a diverse community, quiet neighborhoods, and outstanding schools. One of the best places to live in the country, Ellicott City’s art museums, parks, and rich local history are some of the things that entice people to relocate here. The city’s passenger railroad station is considered to be the oldest in America. It also created history by establishing the first school for black children in 1880.

We took a look at the things that make Ellicott City the best place for families to consider.


Ellicott City houses magnificent art museums that celebrate different arts and cultures. A notable museum is the B&O Ellicott City Museum. History buffs and train enthusiasts can spend days touring around this fun train museum.

If you are more into outdoor activities, you may visit local parks such as the Centennial Park or Patapsco Valley State Park. These parks are great for hiking or even just taking a leisurely walk. Stretch those legs out. Locals love to take leisurely walks around the park, especially during autumn.

Jobs and Cost of Living

The area median income in Ellicott City is $118,128, while the median sales price is $466,960. Close to Baltimore and Washington, you have convenient access to major routes for work. The average work commute takes 28 minutes. The most common way of transport is via private vehicles.

About 92% of the workforce are employed in white-collar jobs. It is a town of professionals, managers, and office workers. A lot of locals work in management occupations and sales. There are more people living here who specialize in computers and math than 95% of the other places in the US.

Schools and Neighborhoods

Ellicott City boasts a low crime rate and superb schools. Most of the people who live here are college-educated and hold education in high regard. 65.75% of the adults in this city have college degrees, master’s degrees, and even Ph.Ds.

There is also a high rate of homeownership in single-family properties. The city is also a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic groups. Known as an ethnically diverse town, anyone can easily fit into Ellicott City.

Find Your Dream Home in Ellicott City

When it comes to features families look for in choosing an excellent community to raise their children, Ellicott City is one of the strongest contenders. From good schools to great real estate investments, this place has you covered.

If you are looking to move to Ellicott City, you may check out available real estate properties here.

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