Current Mortgage Rates for Howard County, MD

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The housing market continues to benefit from lower fixed mortgage rates in late October. However, the possibility of a long-awaited interest rate hike is in the crisp fall air. If you are in the market for a new home, give us a call! You may want to make your move sooner than later.

Our friend Jesse Gelb at Wells Fargo is available to answer any questions you may have regarding current rates.
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Current Mortgage Rates for HOWARD COUNTY, MD

as of 10/22/2015 12:14:28 PM (CST)

Loan Type Interest Rate APR
5/1 ARM Non-Conforming 2.875% 3.069%
30-yr fixed Non-Conforming 3.625% 3.667%
VA 30-yr fixed 3.750% 3.850%
15-yr fixed Non-Conforming 3.375% 3.449%

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Current Mortgage Rates for Howard County, MD

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