Meet Elizabeth Elfrey

Spring flowers are in full bloom and so are Elizabeth Elfrey’s famous flower paintings! We are thrilled to showcase the beautiful artwork of our past client and good friend. Meet Elizabeth. She loves her family, reading, history and all things art. With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to feature Elizabeth in our Client Spotlight column. As a mother to two little girls, Elizabeth’s days are filled with adventure and activity. It’s hard to believe she makes time to produce these beautiful creations and yet somehow, she does. And lucky for us, they are for sale.

Elizabeth’s Etsy shop is an art museum of its own, filled with her colorful fine art paintings, especially florals! “I have always been attracted to florals because I feel the same joy from looking at a painting that I do with real flowers. I think that speaks to the power of nature, and that’s why I like to fill my home with beautiful images. I also love color and the possibilities are literally endless with flowers,” says Elizabeth.

How did it all begin? We will let you in on a little secret – she has always been an artist. Her love for painting and drawing began before she can remember. She knew she wanted to pursue something creative for a career, which is why she majored in Fashion Design and started her brand, Moulage Collection, making custom clothing. “Moulage” means mold and is a dressmaking term for making custom clothing that exactly fits a person’s body. This term applies to her other work, too, because her drawings and paintings are so personal to each client.

Her in-home studio is filled with acrylic paintings, ink drawings and custom orders ready for their new home. Among customer favorites are her wedding menus, signs for businesses and personized Favorite Things poster for birthdays. Her pieces of art can be found in homes around the world. She lost track of how many countries she has shipped to!

After learning a three-year-old close to her was fighting cancer, she started offering a free Favorite Things poster to any child with cancer. Her hope is to provide a little joy during a very difficult time.

True to her roots, Elizabeth is inspired by Maryland-themed pieces. She gets creative playing with the state shape, flower and local landmarks. But that’s not all! Her gallery includes personalized art representing a number of US states. What an awesome way to show your state pride!.

“What really drives my work is the ability to bring joy into people’s lives. I love creating for the sake of creating but making someone happy is so rewarding!”

Get carried away in Elizabeth’s breathtaking art in her Etsy Shop or Instagram account. If you like what you see, please share this blog and help Elizabeth spread the joy of her work!

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