New Year’s Resolutions To Help Sell Your Home

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 5.52.37 AMAre you ringing in the New Year with the promise of a real estate transaction in 2016? If your fresh set of resolutions includes selling your home, purchasing a new home or selecting an expert to assist with the process, tune in over the next week for purposeful tips and information to help you realize your dreams!


New Year’s Resolutions to Help Sell Your Home

Ready to sell your home? Consider these tips to help make a favorable impression!

1. Study Your Entire House- Take a tour of your home with new eyes as a potential buyer and take notes on what should be improved. Be honest and critical, and make a list of updates and repairs that will be necessary. Designate repairs you have the skills/time to do yourself, and those that you will need to enlist professionals to do. Don’t put off small repairs you can do yourself because it is easier to keep up, than to catch up!

2. Create curb appeal and spruce up your home’s exterior. — Discerning buyers may do a drive by to screen your listing and determine whether they want to invest their time in a showing. If they decide to schedule a showing, most potential buyers and real estate agents drive separately and meet there. If your potential buyer arrives before the agent, they may be left outside to scrutinize the exterior and form an opinion before stepping inside. In addition to well manicured and appealing landscaping, be sure that other exterior features of your home are show ready. Consider that potential buyers will scrutinize the condition of your home’s roof, gutters, windows, driveway, exterior paint and siding.

3. Consult the Experts — The Kittleman Group offers homeowners free consultations with no obligation. As we walk through your home we have the knowledge to share what you’ll need to consider to get top dollar for your home. (Ex: Do you need to pull up old carpeting or upgrade a bathroom?)  Most importantly, we give you information and statistics that you need to gain a clear understanding of the market in your particular neighborhood. It is extremely important to consider pricing, timing and marketing strategies as you prepare to sell, and we happily offer our resources to you.

3. Start to Pack and De-clutter Your Space–After the holiday season, it is time to clean up and clean out. When your home goes on the market, it will need to be show ready at all times. You will want buyers to focus on the gorgeous features and space, not the pile of shoes in the laundry room or the stack of mail on the counter. You might consider renting a short-term storage unit for items you plan to move to your new home in order to help eliminate clutter. Empty closets to show their size. Purge from basements, garages or attics to show storage space. Clear bookcases and take off paperbacks or books that seem outdated, and replace with home decor that appeals to the eye and creates the visual appeal of space. Organize pantries and cupboards. Get rid of bulky furniture.

4. Start to Keep Track of All Home Improvements–Each improvement or upgrade you make affect the resale value of your home. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth by keeping track of every dime you’ve put into your home.

5. Repaint the Walls to a Neutral Color. — Repaint your rooms in neutral tones like tans and whites that allow buyers to focus on the spaces themselves, not the color of the walls. Contact us for a list of our favorite paint colors that “wow” potential buyers.

6. Stage Your Home to Sell — To help buyers imagine themselves in your space, you need to help them create a visual image. Remove personal items such as your kids’ artwork from the fridge and family photos on shelves. Artwork and decor that doesn’t match the potential home buyers personal taste may turn them off, so keep it neutral. (Ex: If you have an animal print couch, consider putting a slipcover on it.) Give each room a purpose to help buyers see how they may use a space. (Ex: Spruce up your extra storage room to appear as a home office. Or, place a tray table, coffee mug and book near a corner chair to create a reading nook.) Many real estate agents help with this area. Did you know that professionally staging your home may shorten the time on the market by 89 percent?! The Kittleman Group’s expertise in this area has helped support this statistic for many of our clients, and Laura KIttleman is  an ASP®, Accredited Staging Professional.

7. Hire a Professional Photographer–Discerning buyers use today’s technology for their home search before attending an open house or scheduling a showing. If your home does not appear well on the Internet, mobile phone apps or in print materials, chances are it will not enjoy heavy foot traffic of potential buyers coming through the front door. This is an important area where having a diligent agent that puts high-end photography as a priority is a must. Redfin found that listings with photos taken by a professional got 61 percent more views sell and for more money that similar priced homes. Our Realtors’ make savvy decisions regarding which of our professional resources will show your home in the best light. We’ve also strategically embraced the increased use of the Internet. We frequently use drone photography and videography to bring the best features of our listings, the surrounding neighborhood and community to buyers–through the simple click of a mouse.

8. Let there be Light--A well lit room appears bigger and more inviting. Open all shades and drapes when a potential home buyer visits to allow the natural light to create a cheery ambiance. Add end table lights or floor lights to rooms that may need an extra boost to sell its features.

9. Make your Bathroom a Spa--Buyers scrutinize the bathroom area, and you’ll want to create a luxurious and relaxing feel to the master bath area. This can be done inexpensively by adding coordinating towels and rugs in soft shades of blue, light green and white. Add scented candles and faux plants, in addition to a stack of wash clothes attractively tied in ribbon. Most importantly, close the toilet bowl lid! This makes a big difference for both showings and photography.

10. Market your Home–In today’s world, you can’t just list your home and expect success. Your listing needs a strategic and well-developed marketing plan that includes social media. Buyers weed through potential properties with extensive Internet research, and this is especially true for millennial first-time home buyers that have only known information on demand during their lifetime. The Kittleman Group’s Realtors embrace the use of social media and our team also includes a dedicated marketing professional and client care manager.

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The key to keeping New Year’s resolutions is taking the right approach and working smarter to reach your goals. Give Laura a call today at (301) 785-5889 to partner together to achieve your goal of selling your house!



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