10 Characteristics People Are Looking For In A Real Estate Agent

The clients of the Kittleman Group have given such great insights into what exactly represents a great real estate agent. This inspired us to share what they had to say with other people in the market. Take a look at some of the defining characteristics that buyers and sellers are looking for in their real estate team.

1. They want negotiation experts.“Let me tell you the story of how Lisa ***SAVED US $10,000+ WHEN WE BOUGHT OUR HOUSE*** Lisa helped us with our first house and was awesome, so we went with her when we moved. First, off, Lisa is FAST. Buying a house can be stressful because you often have to wait for other people to get things done. Lisa doesn’t make you wait – when you call, she answers. When you email, she replies. Second, Lisa is NICE. She’s honestly just a really pleasant and friendly person who makes an effort to make the process easy for us. We finally found the house we wanted and started the buying process. On the final walk through, there was a stain on the wall in the basement. My wife and I assumed it was irrelevant / cosmetic damage because we’d just had the inspector check the house a month ago. Lisa was immediately suspicious and saw that it wasn’t in the inspector’s report. So either our inspector missed it, or it happened in the month after the inspector came (the house was vacant). She took pics of the and sent it to her contacts and found out it was mold and there was probably a leak in the basement. She advised us not to close that day, as was scheduled. This was a major problem because we’d planned our lives around closing that day. The movers were coming, and we were at risk of losing our deposit and needing to reschedule our whole week. After talking with Lisa about our problems, she negotiated with the sellers to set up an escrow for repairs so that we could still close. They offered $5k but she bargained up to $10k, so the sellers would put in the first $10,000 to fix the leak/mold, and we could still close that day. The price for fixing the basement came out to $9,700! If not for Lisa, we wouldn’t have even realized the mold was a problem, so it would have gotten worse and worse. If not for Lisa, we wouldn’t have been able to close the house on that same day with an escrow, which would have forced us to cancel a lot of appointments and lose hundreds, maybe thousands in deposits. If not for Lisa, we would have had a $5k escrow instead of a $10k escrow. If not for Lisa, we would have had to pay $10,000 in repairs to fix the mold — PROBABLY A LOT MORE because my wife and I thought the inspector signed off on the mold (which we thought was just a cosmetic stain). We 100% recommend Lisa. She’s FAST, NICE, and COMPETENT. What more could you want?”

2. They want trust.“Laura and Jennifer are simply amazing real estate professionals. I live out of state and they really made the process of selling my house as easy as possible. I am quite sure they are busy like most real estate agents, but I never felt like just another client (like I have previously experienced with other agents). They made me feel like I was part of the team/family. Perfect balance of professional and personal touch! Thank you so much to Laura and her team!!”

3. They value immediate results. “Laura did a wonderful job selling our house in Columbia, MD. Our house was sold before it even came out on the Market. She helped us sell the house during coming soon! We went to our honeymoon and learned that we got an offer already when we got back! What a wonderful surprise! Not only did she helped us sell the house quickly, she was so knowledgeable and helpful every step along the way. She met with our appraiser in person. She negotiated a great deal for us after home inspection and she helped with HOA compliance issues as well. Laura and her team are so professional, caring and reliable! You can always count on Laura to get back to you quickly and with answers! I cannot thank Laura and her team enough! They really make the whole house buying and selling process smooth and pleasant.”

4. They need problem-solvers. “ABSOLUTELY would recommend Laura and Lisa. We are first time homeowners and Lisa helped us find the perfect house that matched my husband and I’s tastes. We never felt overwhelmed throughout the whole process. Lisa helped us find a great house, and seller was not motivated and to put it lightly, hard to work with! But Lisa’s professionalism made the process easy from start to finish, and she was able to negotiate a great deal for us at a price we were comfortable with. By no fault of Lisa’s, there was a hiccup on the day of closing… the sellers hadn’t fully moved out of the house!! Lisa’s professionalism was probably the only thing that kept us from panicking. Lisa quickly made calls, worked with the seller’s agent and we were still able to close that day! We had such a tight timeline to move into the house that weekend and we were disappointed that the house was not as in order as it should’ve been. Come to find at the end of the day, Lisa offered to pay for a cleaning service! We were able to move into a clean house! That gesture was just above and beyond but it made it so we could enjoy our new home! The Kittlemans care about your home buying experience. The process went so smoothly for us due to Lisa’s care and attention. Could not recommend more highly!”

5. They value organization. “As a first-time home buyer, and later on, a first-time home seller, I felt very nervous and ignorant on all the processes involved with buying/selling a home. Laura and Lisa not only offered their knowledge and advice, but they were also on hand to address any questions or concerns I might have. They made sure I was on track throughout the entire buying and selling process, and they went above and beyond the call of duty. My home ended up selling for over asking price less than a week after being listed! I am now happily in my new home and it is all thanks to them!”

6. They want guidance.“After interviewing 8 real estate agents, we selected Laura Kittleman and the Kittleman Group as the best suited and qualified agents to market our property. Their assistance in staging, photographing, marketing and negotiating the purchase to closing was outstanding. Their knowledge of the real estate market in our area was exceptional. They were enthusiastic about the unique nature of our property. They were readily available for questions and assistance through the process. Their office staff assisted with the details of the process very skillfully and without hesitation.”

7. They appreciate a personal touch. “Last year we had to put my mother into assisted living. Then I had to fix up the house we grew up in to put on the market. This was an emotional roller coaster for the family that would have given Hershey Park a ride for their money. Laura and her team knew how delicate the situation was. Laura with her patience and understanding of the situation, was able to stay positive and pushed us to get the house to market. Then she worked her magic. Even when we were going through the settlement process, Laura’s patience shined. Laura and her team were there through the entire process that made selling the family house far less painful then it could have been.”

8. They want dedication. “My husband and I recently purchased our first home in Maryland with the help of Lisa Kittleman and we couldn’t be happier. First, Lisa was an expert negotiator; without her, we would not be in the house we are today. Second, she listens to you, is approachable, and doesn’t pressure you to buy because she understands that it takes time to find the perfect home for your family. Additionally, whenever we hit a road-block, Lisa always tackled it head-on and whole-hardheartedly advocated on our behalf. She was extremely attentive and immediately responded whenever we reached out to her. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Lisa, and thank her for her dedication, optimism, and hard work.”

9. They want a team effort. “Laura helped us sell our old home, and Lisa helped us find our new home. We can’t say enough good things about both of them. They were professional, responsive, helpful, and both were expert negotiators. With Laura’s help, we received multiple offers on our old house, and accepted an offer that was more than we had hoped for! With Lisa’s help, we found the perfect house at a price that was less than we had hoped for! Both selling and buying came with some pre-settlement bumps, but Lisa and Laura were well-equipped to handle them, and went out of their way to make sure they were resolved as quickly as possible and that we closed on time. We would recommend the whole team with no hesitation whatsoever!”

10.They want a dream pad. “Lisa was awesome! She and my wife hit it off right away, long before we were even looking for a house. When the time came to find something, Lisa was on the ball immediately. We had a very specific list of must haves… like the best house, in the best neighborhood, and super great everything. At first, we were ready to settle on something mediocre. Lisa said “You don’t seem in love with this. Let’s keep looking. We will find you something that you really love.” After a couple weeks, Lisa found us not one, but two of these houses that we loved in a great neighborhood. You hear that neighbors, I’m talking about you. We decided to put a contract down on a really cool house (across the street from where we live now). Before we put an offer on that home, Lisa urged us to check out the house across the street, which wasn’t even on the market yet. We did. We loved it! Lisa made an offer on this sweet dream pad. Three weeks later we were all moved in.”

After over a decade of being in real estate, we know that listening to our client’s desires is what fuels the Kittleman Group for success. We would love to provide you your very own tailored experience and show you real estate done a better way.

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